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Sunday, May 9, 2010

law kaana baynana

Have you ever ask yourself..
Have you ever wonder..
if you were given a chance to meet the Prophet pbuh, and spend only ONE MINUTE with him.
what would you say and what would be your best gift to him?

would you kiss his hand, and tell him you're sorry for letting him down?
or you wouldnt stop crying? you wouldnt be able to speak?
or would you tell him that you love him more than your family and your ownself, you think of him all the time, and you would give your life to him without hesitation?

for me myself.
i still cant imagine my own reactions if i get this honour chance.
is fainting an option?
because im not worthy enough even to wash his blessed feet.
i would be ashamed of my sins and my eyes wouldnt be able to meet him.
but i really hope i can tell him, that i miss him.
i would tell him, i'd never imagined loving someone that i've never met,this much.

as after our creator Allah azzawajal, he has the priority to be loved.loving him means we love Allah, we love for the sake of Allah,because Allah loves him.
loving Allah means we have to obey Allah and His Prophet pbuh, and follow his sunnah.

may Allah forgives us, and we will be rewarded with Jannah, so we may meet our beloved creator Allah azzawajal and the Prophet Muhammad pbuh..


khadijah said... khadijah dq gen8.. nak minx izin link your blog.. cn i?

huda said...

waalaikumussalam khadijah
keyf haalik? lama x dgr kaba :)
sile2..nak jugak link blog awk..

herni said...

assalamualaikum huda, saye nk tau tu ke maksud lirik nasyid law kaana baynana tu? maksud saye yg ni

kalau bukan, minta tolong translatekan boleh. terima kasih banyak2!